Lardners Warranties

When purchasing an RV from Lardners, we take care of all warranty here.

  • New RVs are covered by manufacturer's warranty.
  • Most used RVs are covered by Lardners Certified Used RV Warranty.

Although in Saskatchewan there is no requirement for certification of RV Technicians, we train, test, and certify our Technicians through the RVIA/RVDA program used across the United States. On the rare occasion there is something that we don't have the capabilities to handle, we handle all the arrangements with the sublet facility.

Should you want longer coverage, we offer Mechanical Breakdown Insurance for your RV that covers most of the components and systems in your RV including Appliances, Electronics and Electrical, Slide Systems, Plumbing, Propane Systems, Running Gear, and more. For more information contact Jeff at